All About Me

My name is Sharon and I have always loved books. I was that girl in school that walked through the halls with a book in front of her and still managed not to bump into anything. I have read books from every genre, and gone through times where I read mostly one genre or another, but have found some good books in each of them. I still have a few favorites, and some that I typically avoid unless the pitch or blurb is compelling enough to capture my attention.

I happily married woman and a mother of two school age children. My kids are energetic, creative, and curious. Everyone that mets them comments of how unique and fun they are- and I usually reply that life never has a dull moment, and that I never lack for entertainment. I will often run into a teacher or camp councilor that I have not seen in awhile, and they always remember my two kids. I am rarely sure if this is a good or bad thing.

My day job is "Library Associate". I process and catalog the materials for the library I spent time in as a kid, which is a special kind of exciting for me. I take care of the records for the materials in the young adult and children's collections. Just about every book, movie, audiobook, or music cd for those areas has gone through my hands- unless they were cataloged before my time. I also man the circulation and children's desk to help patrons in whatever way they need. I sometimes get to offer up book suggestions that hit the mark, and other days I have to relay the less wonderful news of fines or lost books. I also contribute to the Library's blog for the public, which includes a little bit of everything because of the variety of staff embers that contribute. Thankfully I have some fantastic co-workers and generally love my job.

If family and a day job are not enough to keep my mind busy, I also review books here and have a Etsy shop called Naturally Lilly's where I sell crochet items and other homemade items like candles, scrubs, and other all natural products. I love to do the work, but admit to being bad at getting out there (in person or online) and promoting myself.
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